Dear Zara Home: I LOVE YOU. Like A Lot

Can someone, ANYONE, anywhere please explain to me why, why, why, w-h-y we still don’t yet have a Zara Home store here stateside??? This fact literally kills me, like dead on the floor, every time I think about it.

For those of you who have never been, Zara Home is a furniture/decor store, open throughout Europe, from the peeps behind the Zara clothing stores (which we have PLENTY of). The store itself is kind of like Anthropologie on crack (though not quite so foofy). It reminds me a lot of ABC Carpet in NYC, but way the hell cheaper. They have gorgeous bedding, soooo many super chic accessories, lovely furniture, dishes, flatware…basically its amazeballs.

Several years ago Greg and I took a trip to Spain that happened to coincide with our move into our new apartment. Planning ahead, I decided to bring an empty suitcase so that I could cart back all the booty I planned to buy at Zara Home. Needless to say, this turned out to be the best fucking decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. I proceeded to visit every Zara Home (sometimes several in one city) in Mallorca and Madrid.

I bought gold leather trays, bar accessories, beautiful blankets, baby gifts, gorgeous linen napkins, lucite boxes…it was on like donkey kong, ppl.

I also discovered my absolute favorite candle in the history of the universe: the orange blossom Zara Home house candle. I bought two gigantic ones, and when those ran out I enlisted my friend Yasmin who lives in London to continue providing me with my candle fix–that’s how bad shit’s gotten.