[I’M OBSESSED] Painted Doors

I’m not really sure WTF is wrong with me, but there is just some design shit that I C-A-N’T get over. Like no matter what. I’m so serious, ppl.

Come back and talk to me in 20 years, and I bet you a million billion dollars I’ll still be obsessed with painted doors. All of the doors in my apt/house/whatevs will be painted some glossy, sex on a stick color and you’ll be like “uhm, aren’t painted doors kind of 2008-2010??” And I’ll be all “what the fuck is your point?? Annnnnd you need a facelift!” BOOM.


I honestly think this is a fairly easy thing that anyone could immeds do in their home, that can make suuuuuch a big impact. I also love that it brings a sense of continuity to a space, especially nowadays when we’re all mixing shit up with our design styles. Oh, also it’s dead fucking sexy.

For whatever reason, I tend to like this painted door shit with darker colors, and of course you gotta go glossy glossy mcglosserson. Get as glossy as you can get and then gloss it up some more. Like if your door were an ice rink, someone should fall on their ass immeds upon touching it. You want that shit shinier than Michael from Design Star’s face.

The doors above are from Nate Berkus’s first NYC apt and we copied those bitches in my current apt. I think we ended up going with a blue that was a smidge darker, but its this fab, dark inky color, and I swear I love it just as much today as I did the day we did it 3 years ago. So every door in our joint is this blue…even the back of our front door.